Camp Master’s Town & Country

Review & photos by Kobus Botha

Code B licence holders beware: there’s a perfect light trailer with a rooftop tent waiting for you from Camp Master. We examined the ‘ins-and-outs’ of this beauty at Makro Cape Gate.

The Camp Master Town & Country 210 trailer is built by Challenger using galvanised sheet material for the body, which is powder coated to give that sleek finish. The trailer includes the tent (1.3 m Jnr. Trailer Tent manufactured by Tentco) on top of the lid, and this is also included in the Tare weight of the trailer, which is 340 kg. The tent includes everything needed to set up camp for the night – the mattress (which is nice and thick for a comfortable sleep), aluminium stepladder to get up into your bed, tent pegs and guy ropes.

It’s a solid, well-designed tent with the focus on superior quality. The wood they use for the base of the bed is very sturdy, and the tent material is made from Ripstop canvas which is a strong and durable material that repels water very well. One particular design that grabbed my attention, and I see them only on Tentco’s tents, is the entrance door zipper. It’s designed to zip down in the middle, and on the bottom it zips sideways (so it looks like an upside down ‘T’). This design, I believe, is fool-proof when it comes to durability, because the usual rounded-cut zipper door tends to break when you force the zipper down to close the door (when the tent isn’t positioned correctly). Unfortunately, with this T-design door you need to bend your head down a bit lower to get into the tent as the top part of the zipper isn’t that high.

Tentco make use of a simple, but longlife, durable clip on the outside to keep the rolled-up door in place. Around the bed are three windows, two of which are a small size located at the foot and the head, with a big window on the side of the bed.

(You need to make sure that this window is closed if you have kids – you don’t want them to fall out). In the tent itself there are two big windows and the door. Located in the front, left-hand side of the bed is a utility pocket in which you can safely stow your electronics, wallet and keys for the night. On the tent’s structural poles is a sticker that reminds you to ‘Check mountings regularly’ – travelling long roads can lead to some loosening of nuts and bolts so it is important to double-check these before every trip, and during longer trips as well. Folding the tent back in is made easier with an elastic lining that helps the tent to remain intact when you flip it over – this lining can also serve as a practical, lightweight washing-line for drying one’s clothes.

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