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Bush Lapa Baobab – Military Edition


Jannie Oeschger started building his Bush Lapa off-road caravans way back in 2010, and since then more than 1 200 units have rolled off the factory floor.

As I tell in my story, I towed a Bush Lapa Miskruier for some 4 000-odd kilometers on a journey mainly on gravel roads almost all the way to the northern border of Namibia. On this trip I got to experience the Baobab, the second-largest caravan in the range.

This wasn’t just any Baobab, this unit was one from the upcoming Military Edition series, of which only 30 will be manufactured. This special edition range does not differ in physical design from the normal units, they just get a mean green exterior design and branding.

The Baobab model was designed to fill the gap between the smaller “goggas” (Rooimier, Vlooi, Kewer, Boskriek, Miskruier) and the big Ratel.

It comes out in a three or four-sleeper variant, and with plenty of storage space for longer stays in the wild.

Entrance to the Baobab is from the left (passenger ) side; upon entering you find storage space to your right and left in the form of canvas-door cupboards, while one double bed folds out on the right side (driver) as well as the front over the nose cone.

The Baobab has a full pop-up roof, unlike the smaller goggas (except Rooimier) which has a hinged rood.

Bush Lapa pride themselves in building caravans that are as tough and agile as any 4×4 tow vehicle. The caravans are built with a stainless steel body and chassis, with aluminium interior and doors. The solid beam axle with leaf springs and shock absorbers are rated to carry up to 1 800 kg. All Baobabs come standard with Bush Wing awning, which opens over the entire exterior kitchen.


Tare                                   1 090 kg
GVM                                  1 800 kg
Length                               4 570 mm
Height                                2 150 mm
Width                                 1 970 mm
Headroom                         1 980 mm
Ground clearance              350mm

Price                                  From R362 250 (incl VAT)

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    By Richard van Ryneveld

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