Book Review: Freshwater Life


Freshwater Life, written by Charles Griffiths, Jenny Day and Mike Picker, is the first illustrated field guide of its kind for the greater southern African region.

This book is intended to help the reader identify more than 1 000 freshwater organisms. The species described were selected by how often they’re likely to be encountered by humans, and each featured species is illustrated by means of photographs and a distribution map.

When camping, we sometimes come across a creature, insect or plant which isn’t immediately familiar. Out come the books we need to identify this new creature: One for mammals, one for birds, one for fish, etc. This guide makes it easier – you’ll find most forms of life that are found in and around fresh water in South Africa in one book.

It’s perfect not only for nature lovers but, also for for any campers who want to know more about the environment they find themselves in.

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