Blast from the Past: June 1965

Compiled by Lara Meter

Just beyond Vaalhoek is Kasper’s Nek, named after Kasper Kruger, Paul Kruger’s father, one of the early Trekker Scouts who was searching for a way down the bastion of the Berg.

The road carries on to Bourke’s Luck Potholes, back in 1965 if you wanted to continue straight on, you would have had to do so on a simple track! The Provincial Roads Department has since transformed it into what it is now – one of the most spectacular drives in the world.

A luxury rest camp and caravan park has also since been built on a ledge of the Blyde River Canyon. The article even comes with a sketch of the (then) proposed luxury bungalows and Caravan Park for the Panorama Route Provincial Rest camp at Blyde Canyon.

In 1965, the hope was that the Panorama Route would be tarred with a network of good roads to places of interest in the area, so that it could be accessible to all vehicles and open to visitors.

Also in our June 1965 issue was a look at the Mkuzi Game Reserve. The pan boasted the perfect place to view wildlife. Whether it was Springbok, impala or more dangerous wildlife, the animals flocked in broad daylight to quench their thirst at the Bube Pan Hide.

Believe it or not, this idyllic spot was actually not very well known to campers of 1965!

Situated in “the best game country in Zululand”, back then Mkuzi Game Reserve boasted 16 000 impala, 5 000 wildebees and thousands more. Estimates even had it that up to 4 000 animals visited the Bube Pan in a single morning! Now who needs to go on a game drive?

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