Blast from the Past : July 1963

Compiled by Lara Meter

A caravanner’s paradise! Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? In this month’s back issue from the July 1963 issue of Caravan and Outdoor Life, we look at the area which was called a caravaner’s paradise, which is clearly not a misnomer for the area from George through to Plettenberg Bay, now known as the Garden Route.

The article ‘These Parks are Parks’ talks about the exquisite scenery and the well-maintained holiday resorts in the Garden Route. The parks were described as modern for their time with clean ablution blocks, and most were grassed for a lovely, lazy and luxurious holiday rest. It is understandable why this area became known as a fantastic holiday destination; and one will still find ‘the finest holiday of all, along the Garden Route’.

Caravans were fast becoming commonplace in the 60s, with everything you’d need for your holiday on the road; a bed, mini-kitchen/dining area, bathroom and extra packing space for your outdoor set up. Although they were fully equipped, they were still fairly basic; well, basic compared to modern caravans.

So, what was the real difference? In one word, wallpaper.

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