Black market targets caravan industry


What do you do if you caravan is stolen a month before you were to head out for a Christmas holiday in Mozambique?

Trip ruined, right? Wrong… thanks to Kempton Caravans.

Arnold and Yolande Venter’s beloved Jurgens Xcell was stolen on Saturday, 24 November 2018, from a caravan shop in Alberton where it was in for some upgrades.

After raising the alarm on social media, the Venters thought their holiday was saved when later that weekend, online users informed them that the caravan has been recovered by Glenvista Community Policing Forum.

The Glenvista CPF caught the thieves red-handed on the highway in a stolen Mitsubishi Colt, towing the caravan with the roof popped open. But the caravan they recovered was a Jurgens Xcape that was actually stolen from Kempton Caravans on Sunday!

Meanwhile, the Venters’ Xcell was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, Larry and Bee Wolmarans, the owners of Kempton Caravans, came to the rescue by lending the Venter family a caravan for their planned vacation.

Bee tells Caravan & Outdoor Life: “We got the caravan ready, had it serviced, and all Arnold had to do was get it insured. What is lucky is that all the modifications that Arnold had wanted to do on his caravan that was stolen was already on the caravan we loaned them.

“I also arranged for all the border letters and all of that, so they will have a nice, free, easy passage.

“Arnold is such a nice guy, and they were very happy that we could help them. But we didn’t do it to get publicity, we did it because we felt sorry for them… and we were grateful that we got our caravan back!”

Arnold writes on Facebook: “In today’s day and age people seldom care for another one’s loss or wellbeing. But at Kempton Caravans there are those who outlive this statement. So with the theft of our caravan and a planned holiday in Mozambique, our holiday was not possible anymore. But by the loving caring owners of Kempton Park caravans, Larry and Bee Wolmarans (and staff), our whole story changed! They willingly offered to lend us a similar caravan that suits our needs for this coming Chrismas Holiday! Thank you so much, words can’t express our gratitude today. Thank you Lord that You never fail us.”

Meanwhile, the Glenvista Community Policing Forum says owners of off-road caravans need to make sure their units are secured, as they believe there is a demand for such units on the black market.

The CPF says: “There were two trailers stolen this weekend (one of which we recovered), leading us to believe that there is an order on the black market for these off-road caravans. Both caravans were stolen from dealerships which are advised to be on high alert for theft of these caravans.”

The Venter family.

The Venter family.

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