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Jos Joubert from Abba Safari Campers is a perfectionist. Every bit of equipment that he fits to his campers has been thoroughly tested.

Jos Joubert from Abba Safari Campers He built his first camper on a 2008 Land Cruiser pick-up 4.2 single-cabin. After ten years of happy camping, he sold this vehicle, and has now acquired a Land Cruiser V8 D4D Diesel. On this he is building his latest, high-tech Abba camper.

While we were sitting around the fire one night while on a trip, Jos revealed to me his plans for the latest project. “Every single component in our van is tested by us (Jos and his wife Elsabe) in real bush-camping conditions.

“Recently, after a lot of research and testing, I began recommending Victron Energy components to my clients. All the electronic components in my personal Abba camper are made by Victron.”

Victron Energy is a Dutch company which makes world-leading electrical components, and a large section of their market is the yachting and boating fraternity.

Jos explained: “My main reason for using Victron products is that we now use three totally independent systems to charge batteries. The solar is direct to battery, the Cyrix charges batteries via the vehicle alternator, and the charger or charger/inverters charge batteries independently if you have grid power. If one system fails, then the others still work. They’re not linked at all, and not like a combo where if one item blows, you are without any system.

“These Victron products carry a 5-year warranty, and have back-up right through Southern Africa. In my opinion, they are the best on the market at present.

“I was looking for a new system, when a customer showed me his Bluetooth app of a Victron solar charger. I investigated and was pleasantly surprised. We are now doing some development and testing in conjunction with Victron SA, and in future they will be manning our show stand with us to explain the excellent systems to customers.

“There are so many options and products that it is absolutely amazing! We are very excited about the new co-operation with Victron and will keep the new products and progress up-todate on our joint websites.”


• Ironman Heavy Duty 50mm lift upgrade suspension.
• Firestone Air Springs with built in pump and controller.
• 10” x 16 diameter A-Line Magnesium Rims
• Bridgestone 285 x16 All Terrain Tyres
• Outback Extreme Replacement rear bumper with dual swing arms.
• Ironman Bullbar Commercial Deluxe
• 7” LED Blaster Spotlights
• EXel Land Cruiser side bins.
• Kenwood Touch Screen Radio with built in Internet and Garmin GPS
• Abba Camper interior roof storage console
• 2 x Optima Yellow to 75amph SpiraCell technology AGM batteries
• Victron Cyrix split charger intelligent electronic solenoid.
• Leather seats.

• MultiPlus C12/800/35 Inverter/ Charger
• MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charger for the solar panels
• Colour Control GX (CCGX) – provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it.
• VRM Online Portal – monitors and controls products on the CCGX, and the information is forwarded to our remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal.
• Black Box VE Direct Smart Dongle
• BMV – 702 Battery Monitor
• Cyrix Battery Combiner

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