Winning Letter: Beauty at Bivane Dam


Some places in our country are so beautiful that we want to share them with your readers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We have a kayak that is part of our roaming lifestyle. How it came into our lives is a story for another day, but let’s just say that suddenly all the destinations we visited had to have flat water.

To find a good spot to take the kayak out for its maiden voyage, we worked our way up Natal from the seaside. The water in the first dam we found, Wagendrift, was very low, and we had to carry the kayak a long way in mud. Needless to say, this was not a successful first try.

So, we headed on to Marloth Park. On the way, we passed by Vryheid; we had never stopped there before because we’d always headed to Paulpietersburg, further north. But before Vryheid, there is a dam on the side of road which we decided had to be explored this time. The camping facilities were not good, and security seemed a bit“iffy”.

Luckily, we remembered a tourism book about Vryheid which we had picked up at Dundee some time back. We got it out and looked at the map – the only other dam in the area is Bivane Dam.

Bivane Dam

We booked, but were not too sure of what awaited us, as we were told that the road was rough and not very good. But still, we set off to find this dam, hoping to find a spot where we could Christen the kayak properly.

Actually, the road was very good and there was only 12km of gravel to the gate, and then from the gate only 8km down to the dam. Before the road dips down to the dam, the drive leads up to the top of a mountain. We were on top of at the “amphitheatre”, looking

down at the Bivane Dam. What a magnificent sight. We were gob-smacked and stood in awe for a while before we started snapping pictures, almost forgetting that we had to move down to the dam. We decided that this was an ideal spot for coffee… In the end, we spent a long time just drinking in the panorama around us.

A truck came up the hill; I suspect they had come to see if we were okay. We just gave them a thumbs up! When we ventured down to reception, we were greeted like royalty.

Wherever we looked, we found that Nature at her best surrounded us, beckoning us to hurry and explore. Needless to say, the kayak was at last properly Christened on the dam, which was 60% full and the perfect expanse of water that we were looking for.

Kind Regards,
Zelda & Bob Williams

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