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Review and photos by Johan Lourens


Popular AHA-45 camper upgraded

Since we FIRST introduced you to this camper unit from AHA Outdoor Systems in July last year, some exciting features have been added which are sure to make your stay out in the wild even more adventurous – and more comfortable.

This camper unit has also attracted the attention of some overseas outdoor enthusiasts, and AHA Outdoor Systems now has a retail outlet in Australia, where the AHA-45 is proving popular thanks to its ease of use and practicality. After all, it takes a mere 45 seconds to convert this unit from canopy to camper! The concept becomes even more irresistible when you discover that this camper unit will fit any bakkie or pick-up with a load bay length of 1350 mm or longer. Exterior bathroom cubicle and shower unit.

The most exciting new feature is the exterior bathroom cubicle. Here again, ease of use and practicality were at the core of the design. Attached to the left side wall of the camper, this unit takes just a couple of seconds to deploy. The aluminium frame that gives the bathroom its shape is attached to the camper wall and simply folds away from the camper and rests horizontically, held in position by two tie ropes also attached to the camper. You then simply have to unfold the main structure of the bathroom, which is suspended from the aluminium frame, so that it’s positioned on the ground directly next to the camper. The plastic structure includes a solid floor to keep dust and mud from entering the bathroom area, as well as two entry doors. Inside the bathroom cubicle, a hatch on the side frame of the camper unfolds to reveal a basin with running water from the onboard 75-litre water tank. Complete with a drainage system and vanity mirror, this area also includes various pockets and holders for toiletries as well as an exterior LED light inside the bathroom precinct. Although the camper provides storage space for a porta-potti unit inside the camper, below the double bed, this bathroom cubicle is spacious enough to accommodate a porta-potti, if you’d prefer it there.

To make your life out in the bush even easier, a complete shower unit is now also available as an optional extra. Supplied with a carry case, this freestanding shower unit can function independently, which means you can even use it on camping excursions when you leave your AHA camper at home! The shower unit consists of an aluminium base fitted with water containers that allow you to select the water supply from two separate sources, and an aluminium frame structure that fits onto the base. Like the bathroom cubicle, the shower unit comes with plastic side walls which unfold and fits neatly onto the frame. The shower head is attached to the frame and runs off 12 V power. To extend your bathroom space when camping with your AHA camper, the shower unit has been designed to fit snugly onto the main bathroom cubicle, in a configuration that allows access via the interleading doors on both bathroom cubicle and shower unit.


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