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Silwerstrand Caravan Park

An in-depth look at Silwerstrand Caravan Park on the river in Robertson


[Video] Resort review by Don Morris, who produces the ‘Living Tiny in Southern Africa’ YouTube channel which can be seen here.

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Set amongst the wine and fruit farms near Robertson, Silwerstrand caravan park has 56 sites that are mostly grassed, with a few near the water’s edge providing paved surfaces.

Robertson is about 160 kilometres from Cape Town, so about a two-hour drive.

The main feature of the caravan park is the Breede River which runs along the side of the park.

A weir was built about a kilometre downriver and a dam of water stretches back from the weir to just past the park. This is great for fishing, boating, skiing, and swimming and makes the caravan park very popular during the Christmas and Easter holidays and on weekends in the summer months.

Everything revolves around the river here, even if you don’t use it, the attention is always drawn to what’s happening on the river.

The water also provides a beautiful scene for campers, especially in the mornings to enjoy with breakfast or with a sundowner in the evenings. Being out in the countryside the area has a calm and relaxing feel that is very enjoyable.

The water is also home to a number of birds and animals that live close to water.

If you’re a fisherman there are carp and bass in the river. I’ve seen some quite large carp being pulled out of the water.

Silwerstrand Caravan Park

The monthly rates are set at R2 700 a month in 2021 and there are a number of campers who take advantage of this in the winter and summer months, spending a few months at the park while in the Western Cape.

The park is well kept and the grounds are well maintained.

There is a slip to launch boats, but be aware that there is quite a steep price charged to launch, and a skipper’s license and floatation certificate must be shown in the office before you’ll be able to launch your boat. I had mine in the water for 8 months while I was there and it’s great to go for a spin down the river or drift along while fishing. Bird watching along the river is very good.

The water from the taps is drinkable and there are electrical outlets at various points around the park. Many of the outlets only have 10 amp breakers fitted, so you can’t boil the kettle and make the toast at the same time, or the circuit breaker will trip. Outlets can be 50 metres or more away from your caravan or tent, so you’ll need a long electrical cable. I needed a 70-metre cord at my first site.

There are plenty of braai places close to each site.

Washing machines are available at around R30 a wash and driers and a drying area are supplied.

The park is secure and there were no burglaries in the nine months that I was there.

Silwerstrand Caravan Park

Some people did find a puff adder in their caravan tent however and as you would expect all hell broke loose.

Others have experienced bad spider bites, so beware of that too.

The campsites are generally of a fair size with larger sites available at the back end of the park.

A play area for the children is a popular and enthusiastic meeting place.

There’s a great pool for the kids and the adults to cool off on the hot days and it does get hot here. I was here in the middle of August 2019, which is the last month of winter in these parts, and on the 3rd Sunday the temperature went up to 43 degrees centigrade. The next day I rushed out to look for an air conditioner for the caravan. That will be in another video.

The weather in this area is superb through the winter months, with clear, hot days and a gentle breeze. When the sun goes behind the hills though you go inside for warmer clothes as the temperature drops very quickly. Nights are quite cool and perfect for sleeping.

The ablution facilities are fairly modern and clean with showers that provide hot water for a good clean-off after a day playing on the river and around the park.

Toilet paper is generally supplied in the toilets.

Silwerstrand Caravan Park

I had great satellite Television reception in the caravan using my DStv dish.

While the weather is generally great, there are occasionally some very strong winds that come in from the northwest that are brutal and persistent enough to damage your tent. The south-easterly can also get quite strong in the summer months. The back end of the park gets the northwester but is protected by the reeds from the southeaster and the section near the water gets the southeastern.

Cellphone reception varies depending on where you are in the park. I was mostly down the back end of the park on a large quiet section of grass and unfortunately, cellphone reception on the Cell C network was not very good there.

The park is 3 kilometres from the town and the local Spar has great lunch specials for pensioners and very friendly staff. You’ll find everything you need from tyres to hardware to medical services in the town.

Silwerstrand Caravan Park

This was my first long-term stay at a caravan park. I put the cat into the car and took off from Cape Town in August 2019, towing the caravan and a speedboat and heading towards a new adventure. The cat took a few weeks to get used to this way of living but soon got used to it and loves it now. She broke a bone in her foot getting used to the cat flap that I’d installed for her. She tried to pull her foot out after inserting it into the flap. The flap closed and jammed her foot and she panicked and broke the bone trying to get her foot out.

She’s still limping but is much better and went on to heal fully. I’ll make a video on cat flaps that are safe for cats at some stage.

With the river and the swimming pool and the surrounding hiking areas, there is a lot of fun to be had at Silwerstrand. This is a popular campsite and I enjoyed most of my stay there.

I give Silwerstrand a rating of 6 out of ten. If you’ve stayed at this caravan park, give us your rating in the comments section.

Silwerstrand Caravan Park


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