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Aloe Caravans

Aloe Caravans: Peri Peri & Excelsa


Looking at catering to what they believe are trend changes in the traditional caravan market, Aloe has released two new products: The Excelsa off-road caravan, and the light Peri Peri which can be legally towed with a B license.

The Peri Peri is made of aluminium, as all Aloe caravans, and has a tare of only 580 kg, making it easy for young and old to move around on campsites.

Alan Keyzer from Aloe Caravans says: “For me it is important to promote the Peri Peri to the holders of B licenses so they know they can legally tow the caravan with their smaller cars.
“We want to get the younger generation into the camping lifestyle!”

Inside, the Peri Peri has what Alan calls a “day” and “night” mode. In day mode you have a dinette table and bench, which converts into a queen-size bed for night mode. With the dinette folded up, it creates packing space for items such as bicycles, which Aloe hopes will draw the interest of the sport leisure market.

At the entrance of the Peri Peri at the back is a 220 V fridge on the left, and cupboards on the right. Outside at the back on the passenger side next to the door is a fold-out kitchen with stainless steel work surface.

The Peri Peri comes standard with awning and poles. Optional extras include awning front and sides ( for full tent), draft floor cover, and spare wheel bracket with rim and tyre.

The little caravan is currently available in white, or metallic silver as an optional extra.

Pricing of the Peri Peri is R140 265 (excluding VAT).


Excelsa off-road caravan from Aloe Caravans

Excelsa off-road caravan from Aloe Caravans

The Excelsa is an off-road caravan with a fixed island bed and a full bathroom without any fold- or slide-outs. It is the largest single-axle caravan in Aloe’s range, measuring 5.8m long (including A-frame) and 2.2m wide.

The inside layout includes the double bed, storage cupboards, and a full bathroom with shower and electric flush toilet. Hot and cold water is available in the bathroom and rest of the caravan thanks to a gas/220V geyser and 100 L water tank (both fitted standard).

The pop-up roof (with six large vents) creates an incredible additional 330mm of headroom.

Outside, the Excelsa comes standard with roll-out awning (in bag), which is fitted on the pop-up roof. To the left of the entrance (passenger side) is a door behind which you’ll find three drawers. To the right of the entrance is a fold-down hatch which creates a stainless steel work surface in front of the kitchen unit with packing area and space for microwave oven.

There’s another small fold-down hatch further to the back, behind which is two more pull-outs – the bottom is a drawer, and the top is a stove and a basin.

Interior of Excelsa off-road caravan from Aloe Caravans

Interior of the new Excelsa .


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