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CJ Aircon’s: Aircons and Caravan Movers – the Best Investment and Asset for Your Caravan


This week we caught up with industry leaders, CJ Aircon’s situated at their offices in Gauteng, South Africa. For those of you who are not familiar with CJ Aircon’s, you should know that they have over 20+ years of experience with 12/220v caravan air-conditioning systems and are often the most sought-after installers for caravan movers too.

Their accredited air conditioning installers provide professional, convenient services, repairs, and installations right at your premises. With only 11 weeks to go before Christmas, it’s no secret as to why their business turns into a beehive of activity. The reason is that many caravanners and motorhomers both new and old seek to purchase either of these value-increasing accessories for very good reasons!

Did you know – you are four times (4X) more likely to sell your pre-owned caravan or motorhome at a market-related price if it is equipped with an air conditioner or caravan mover?

Read on below to find out more.

CJ Aircon’s takes pride in treating your comfort as their top priority. They also understand that unforeseen air conditioning-related problems can arise, and that’s why they offer the necessary backup and support to ensure clients stay comfortable all year long. Their installations are of the highest quality, backed by years of proven expertise.

Stay Cool on the Road: Discover the Power of 220V Caravan Air Conditioners

When it comes to embarking on a road trip or caravan adventure, there’s no denying the allure of the open road and the beauty of the great outdoors. However, with the country’s diverse climate and weather conditions, staying comfortable in your caravan is essential. This is where 220V caravan air conditioners step in as your trusty travel companion, ensuring that your journey remains cool and comfortable, regardless of the external temperature.

Our climate can be as diverse as its landscapes. From the arid regions of the Karoo to the humid coastal areas, travellers encounter a wide range of weather conditions. The blazing sun of summer and the chilly nights of winter can make caravan life uncomfortable without proper climate control.

The Solution: 220V Caravan Air Conditioners

Caravan enthusiasts in South Africa are increasingly turning to 220V caravan air conditioners to overcome climate challenges. These air conditioners are designed to provide efficient cooling and heating solutions while on the move. Here’s why they are becoming a must-have accessory for caravan owners:

  1. Efficient cooling: South African summers can be scorching, and a 220V caravan air conditioner offers reliable cooling to keep the interior comfortable.
  2. Heating for winter: These units are not just for cooling; they also provide heating options, ensuring you stay warm during chilly winter nights.
  3. Energy efficiency: Many 220V caravan air conditioners are energy-efficient, making them ideal for caravans with limited power resources.
  4. Compact design: These units are designed to fit seamlessly into the limited space of a caravan, ensuring they don’t encroach on your living area.
  5. Easy installation: Installing a 220V caravan air conditioner is a straightforward process.
  6. Quiet operation: You can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in your caravan, as these air conditioners are designed for minimal noise.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Selecting the perfect 220V caravan air conditioner for your needs involves considering factors like the size of your caravan, power requirements, and your budget. It’s essential to choose a reputable brand known for producing reliable and durable units, ensuring your investment pays off over time. This is exactly where CJ Aircon’s come in.

Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable

As you embark on a caravan adventure, don’t let the weather dictate your comfort level. Invest in a high-quality 220V caravan air conditioner, and you’ll enjoy every moment of your journey, no matter where the road takes you. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and make the most of your caravan experiences on awe-inspiring journeys knowing that your comfort is guaranteed.

Off-road campers are already lining up for this ingenious product. Their first trial takes place in a bush Lapa, a true test of its capabilities. And here’s the best part – additionally,  these air conditioner is not limited to off-road caravans; it’s versatile and can be used in on-road caravans as well.

The best part is, that as soon as you install an air conditioner to your caravan or motorhome, the value thereof has increased immensely – and this is not just a current but also a long-term and resale investment.

Discover Effortless Caravan Maneuvering with Ewiks and Quattro Caravan Movers

Caravan adventures just got a whole lot easier with Ewiks and Quattro Caravan Movers. Say goodbye to the struggle of manually moving your caravan, whether it’s large or small. These innovative caravan movers are designed to make your journey more convenient and stress-free.

Ewiks Caravan Mover: Power with Control

The Ewiks Caravan Mover empowers you to move your caravan with ease, all with the simple operation of just two switches. Powered by your existing caravan battery (or CJ Aircon’s can install one for you), these movers are permanently fitted to your caravan, ensuring they’re always ready when you need them. No more sweating or breaking the bank to move your caravan in and out of tight spaces.

With the Ewiks Caravan Mover, you no longer need superhuman strength to manoeuvre your caravan. It’s as easy as clicking a couple of switches, allowing you to navigate tight spots effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle and make your caravan life a breeze.

CJ Aircon’s is your official installer for Ewiks Caravan Movers, a trusted choice among Gauteng and South Africa’s caravan enthusiasts. Their 100% mobile installation team can fit and install these movers on-site for your convenience. Plus, they are proud to announce that CJ Aircon’s received the prestigious title of Ewiks Dealer of the Year 2022.

Click on the videos below to see CJ Aircon’s install the Ewiks caravan mover: 

Quattro Caravan Mover: Unparalleled Power and Efficiency

Quattro Caravan Movers, are 25% more powerful than other leading manufacturers, ensuring unrivalled grip on various terrains, including gravel, grass, and wet tarmac. Inclines become a breeze, thanks to the Quattro mover’s impressive power.

However, power isn’t the only advantage, Quattro Caravan Movers are 50% more efficient than competitors. Designed for effective power usage, you’ll spend less time worrying about your battery and more time enjoying your holiday.

Using Quattro is a breeze, thanks to its market-leading handset and electronics. The clear screen displays all the information you need, and the easy-to-use joystick lets you navigate with ease. Live diagnostic feedback keeps you informed about the handset signal, handset status, and leisure battery status, all at your fingertips.

Don’t let wet conditions hold you back, Quattro boasts IP55 certification, ensuring it performs flawlessly even in wet conditions. You can even pressure wash the mover to keep it as clean as the caravan it’s fitted to.

No matter the size or model of your caravan, CJ Aircon’s can fit Ewiks and Quattro Caravan Movers to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Customer satisfaction is their guarantee, and they will offer installation options at your residence or workshop, tailored your schedule and needs.

Experience the difference with Ewiks and Quattro Caravan Movers from CJ Aircon’s. Make your caravan adventures more convenient and enjoyable today.

Their complete range of products and services includes:

  • Air Conditioners – for caravans, commercial spaces, and residential properties
  • 3-Way Split Air Conditioners – enjoy efficient cooling systems
  • Rooftop Air Conditioners – optimise your travelling space
  • 220V/12V Caravan Air Conditioners – top-notch comfort and convenience
  • Repairs and Services – their expert team is here to install, repair, and service your air conditioners to ensure superb operation

When you choose CJ Aircon’s, you’re not just getting an air conditioner – you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your comfort and convenience. Whether you need a new installation, or repairs, or simply want to explore their innovative products, they are here to serve you. Join the CJ Aircon’s family and enjoy comfort wherever you go. Contact them today to learn more about their products and services, and let them keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

To find out more about the different types of air conditioners available from CJ Aircon’s Please click on the links below:

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For more information on these outstanding products, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, click on this link to redirect to their website. Alternatively, please fill in the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements.

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