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A twin tub washing machine perfect for your caravan


Home Oddities has their tried and tested (15 years on the market) semi-auto portable electric twin tub washing machine up for grabs! If you’re looking for a lightweight twin tub washing machine that is ideally suited to your home and your caravan, then look no further than the semi-automatic portable electric twin tub washing machine from Home Oddities.

With an incredibly light weight of only 12kg, it is a necessity for your caravan as it only increases overall weight marginally and this is one of the main aims when caravanning. Reduce, reduce, reduce weight where possible. What’s more, this washing machine has a depth of only 350mm, making it easy to fit into a caravan.

This twin tub can be filled conventionally through the supplied pipe or via buckets if there is no tap in the immediate vicinity. The drain pipe uses gravity flow and the waste water can be directed into the caravan’s shower if necessary. The spin dry cycle takes merely 1 minute. It’s the perfect multi-function whirlpool washing machine to take care of dirty laundry that builds up during your caravan holidays. It’s a water, power and time saver, which is safe and reliable.

3kg washing capacity
2kg spin dry cycle
Weight: 12kg
580 (width) x 350 (depth) x 650 (height)
Voltage: 220-240v / 50Hz
Cut out circuit: yes
Easy to use: yes

By using these quick easy steps below, you will get your washing fresh in no time.

  • Fill the machine with 14L or 18L of water and your washing powder of choice
  • Turn the middle select switch to standard (if heavy items are being washed), soft (for a lighter items)
  • Once the clothes are inserted, turn your wash timer knob all the way to 15 for a full cycle
  • Once the cycle is done, it is advised to put one thing at a time in the spinner if it is a heavy item, or 2 – 3 items if it is lighter items. Turn the spin timer knob to 5 and let the machine do the rest
  • Repeat the above until all your washing is complete
  • When you want to drain the water out, turn the middle select switch to drain and this bad boy does the rest


For more information and to order your very own twin tub washing machine, simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of the qualified staff members from Home Oddities will get hold of your with pricing and delivery options.
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