A Better Braai

Story and photos by Malcolm Cassisa

Picture the scene. You’ve just set up at the campsite, unpacked the car and got the tent up – or got the caravan level and ready. The kids are starving and mom looks at you to get the fire going. You look around, only to discover that you’ve chosen a spot that doesn’t have a place to braai!

So, you send the kids off to search for rocks and old bricks, and soon you have a somewhat rickety fireplace set up at ground level; which means that you are either cooking on your haunches or bending over your grid.

If you had a Hot Rod Cookout BBQ, this would not be happening. Instead, in less than 5 minutes’ time, you would have had your braai set up, the fire going and your first cold beer to hand.

The Cookout BBQ is billed by the makers, Hot Rod, as “The Easy Lift Portable Braai” and in our test it certainly lived up to its name. It’s dead easy and quick to set up. In the box you’ll find:

• The base plate
• A round pipe with the lifting spring mechanism
• A round extension pipe
• The charcoal pan
• The charcoal tray grid
• The cooking grid
• A nylon sling carry bag

To set up, just screw the two pieces of pipe together, and then screw the connected pipes to the base plate. If you prefer cooking at a relaxed camp-chair level, then leave out the pipe extension and just screw the pipe, with the lifting mechanism, onto the base plate.

Place the charcoal pan over the end of the pipe; put the charcoal tray grid inside the pan, lower the adjustable heightsetting to the lowest position – and you’re ready to make your coals.

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