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Custom Campers Iveco ML150E24WS-E3

A 15-ton off-road motorhome with all the bells and whistles



A good reputation goes a long way – and in the case of this “nothing held back” motorhome from Custom Campers, we’re talking about thousands of kilometres.

Vaughn Richardson had heard of Fred Oosthuizen and his company Custom Campers via the grapevine and was so impressed by what he heard that he traveled all the way from Plettenberg Bay to Meyerton to discuss his project.

Vaughn had big dreams: a complete custom-built off-road motorhome with all the bells and whistles.

Luckily, this is exactly the sort of project that the Custom Campers team is known for.

Fred has been building caravans, campers, and motorhomes since 2009, and since he and his wife starting Custom Campers about seven years ago in their factory in Meyerton, each motorhome that rolls out of the Meyerton complex is customised to the client’s exact needs.

Fred’s motto is “the customer is king”, and he certainly gives them royal treatment!

His project with Vaughn started in September 2019. As with every custom build, Fred spent hours and days in consultation with the client to ensure they build exactly what Vaughn dreamed of.

Fred says: “The journey was tough, due to Covid-19 and the lockdown, and there were a few teething problems as it is a complete custom build vehicle – which is normal – but Custom Campers pushed hard and Vaughn took delivery of his vehicle in August 2020.”

Here’s a closer look at the full house motorhome that’s sure to impress anybody.



The base vehicle is a 15-ton Iveco ML150E24WS-E3, supplied by Iveco Randburg.

It has a custom-built bullbar and bumper fitted with hidden hydraulic cylinders to help when you are in trouble and changing tyres.

The two spare wheel mounting is unique to Custom Campers and makes lifting the wheels very easy.

Iron man winches were fitted onto the bulbar and rear bumper with all recovery equipment needed.

There is a complete outside kitchen with all you need, including a 60L Snomaster fridge.

A 4,5m awning on the passenger side provides tons of shade on those hot days out in the great outdoors.


The electrical system is a complete off-grid solar installation with Victron inverter, Victron MPPT, Victron Color control and lithium batteries.

The whole roof is packed with Canadian solar panels. And even if the sun doesn’t shine, the motorhome has a Honda 2.5Kva generator fitted as a backup. Jerry cans with extra fuel for the generator are fitted on the rear of the motorhome.



All the comfort you could need, starting with a Queen-size bed with a proper sleeping mattress.

The kitchen includes a convection oven, Snappy Chef stove, and of course a basin with running water.

The motorhome is geared for long journeys away from civilization, and even includes a washing machine and tumble dryer combo… so you can have some clean clothes should you return to town after weeks in the bush!

The bathroom includes a toilet and shower.

For further interior comfort, day and night, a Dometic rooftop aircon has been fitted.

The interior seating area for four people van also converts into a double bed.

Or, if you want to sleep outside under the African skies, just use the rooftop hatch to access the Bundutec tent on the roof.

Are you interested in building your dream motorhome? Contact Fred from Custom Campers by filling in the enquiry form below:


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