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6 things to consider if you want to live in a caravan full-time


Many people opt to leave their homes behind to live a much simpler life in a caravan full-time! It can be great, but bear in mind that it will be way smaller than a house and come with challenges of its own.

It will be a huge adjustment, but not to worry, we are here to make things easier for you with these six simple tips:

Always be organised

As soon as your clothes come off the line, out of the dryer or back from the laundromat put it away. Rotate your winter and summer clothes. In summer, your winter clothing can’t stay in the wardrobe or cabinets, they have to be stored under the bed or where you can store it.

The size of the fridge and freezer is not big, so it is good to plan your meals accordingly and keep your pantry organised so nothing takes up space. Click here for more information on how to maximise your caravan space.

Organise other areas of your life such as making sure you have a site booked during public holiday, health check-ups etc.

The less stuff you have, the easier life will be

It is important to find a balance when it comes to your load. You should only pack in what you may need, what will get used regularly and the just-in-case items.

Think of the stuff that you would use a couple of times a week, and things that would need for emergencies or any other reason ( medications, a fire extinguisher etc ) as a starting point on the right track to avoid clutter.

According to the experts, if you think that this new life means that you will now have the time and motivation to make green smoothies each day, so you’d better buy a small blender to take with you, think again. If you’re not doing it now; chances are, you won’t be making them when you are on the road full-time.

Remain on top of maintenance

This comes with being organised. It is also important to have your vehicle serviced regularly when living on the open road. Your car (or motorhome/campervan) is usually your only means of transport and when it’s broken, life can get complicated and expensive.

Be prepared to spend tons of time with your partner

When living in a caravan full-time, you may not actually get that much time apart from your partner or personal space like you are use to and it can be a problem. But there are ways around that.

Of course, being kind and considerate should be a given, but you could create your own time apart.

  • Go for a walk
  • Go shopping
  • Go fishing
  • Read a book
  • Watch Netflix or play video games with earphones in
  • Visiting friends or family

There’s no need to be in each others company constantly if you need some time apart. Just do not make it too much of a habit!

Comfort is important

The basic comfort need of a caravan would be:

  • A comfortable bed
  • A kitchen
  • A place for your clothing besides a suitcase
  • A place to shower
  • A toilet

Click here for more information on how to winter-proof your caravan against harsh weather conditions.

Living this way could be awesome

Living in a caravan could be amazing! You could still go to work or work remotely from the comfort of your caravan. Of course, there might be certain things you might miss, however, you certainly won’t miss big rent, utilities bills and being stuck in one place all the time.

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