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5 Reasons why most campers are switching to CampSure, and you should too!


Get Caravan Insurance in South Africa

Experience the joy of camping while ensuring your investment is fully protected with CampSure, the leading insurance product designed specifically for caravans, campervans, and trailers. Enjoy your camping trip knowing that you have comprehensive coverage for any unforeseen incidences.

When it comes to protecting your investment, CampSure has you covered from every angle.

Who is it for?

CampSure is a type of insurance policy designed specifically for individuals and families who enjoy camping and outdoor activities.

What does it cover?

  1. Camper trailers
  2. Caravans and off-road caravans
  3. Motorhomes
  4. Luggage trailers (accompanying any of the above)

Their comprehensive caravan insurance includes benefits that go above and beyond basic coverage. Here’s what they offer:

  1. Tyre cover: keep your tires protected with CampSure’s specialised tyre cover. Say goodbye to unexpected tire expenses.
  2. No betterment or excess: they believe in providing hassle-free coverage. With CampSure, you won’t have to worry about any betterment costs or excess charges.
  3. Roadside assistance in South Africa: travel with confidence knowing that their dedicated team is just a call away, ready to provide roadside assistance whenever you need it.
  4. Leisure vehicle contents: they understand the value of your personal belongings. CampSure protects your leisure vehicle contents, giving you peace of mind during your camping adventures.
  5. Key cover: Misplaced or lost keys can be a significant inconvenience. CampSure offers key cover, so you can quickly resolve any key-related issues without worrying about additional expenses.

In addition to these exceptional benefits, CampSure provides comprehensive cover, third-party liability, passenger liability for motorhomes, credit shortfall protection, delivery after repairs, emergency repairs, fire extinguishing charges, cross-border towing up to R20 000 resulting from an accident, and NAT Assist roadside assistance.

You can visit their official CampSure website here.

For more information on CampSure insurance policies, or to receive a quote to have your leisure vehicle covered, please use the enquiry form below. Kindly remember to include the make, model and year of the caravan, motorhome or trailer that you wish to cover. A member of the CampSure sure team is standing by to assist at your convenience.

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