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2020 Caravan Show – be there!


South Africa’s premier caravan show, the 2020 Caravan Show, takes place from 21-23 February at Gallagher Estate – Midrand, Gauteng.

In association with Pretoria FM and Caravan and Outdoor Life magazine, the show highlights the latest in caravans, motorhomes, camping trailers, camping gear, and destinations. The show recorded the most models ever launched in 2018, while in 2019 it was the most manufacturers at any show in South Africa.

What does the 2020 show promise to reveal?

Show organiser Hampie de Kock is tightlipped, wanting to keep the secret of the main attractions until the reveal date, so let’s take a step back in time and record some of the highlights: The first show was held in March 2005 at Nasrec and was called the Holidaymakers Expo. In 2006 it moved the Gallagher Convention Centre and was rebranded as The Holiday Show / Vakansieskou, to accommodate an Afrikaans audience.

Since the first Expo, it has been held annually for the past 15 years and 2020 will be the 16th show.

Caravan and Outdoor Life asked Hampie:

Which was the best show year and why?

2018 and 2019 and I’ll tell you why: 2018 saw 34 new caravan, off-road trailer, and motorhome models, which was the most ever for the Caravan Industry, at any one show. 2019 saw the most caravan, off-road trailer, and motorhome manufacturers ever, convened under one roof to date. That is what we set out to do ever-since 2004 when we established the Holidaymakers Expo. It has been a long walk, but worthwhile for the Caravan Industry.

And what has been the most unusual thing to be seen at the show?

Paul Castle not attending! It just so happens the show always falls on the same day as his birthday, and year after year he forgoes celebrating his birthday to attend our show, which has been his dedication to the industry he serves! But seriously, the most unusual thing to be seen at the show could be the hardest question to answer. I think Jurgens Ci taking up 4 000m2 (all of hall 1 in 2017). They dominated the market with product and it was truly amazing to see all this under one roof.

What was the most expensive vehicle on show?

In 2018 – and it was not a caravan – the Dakar vehicle, worth around R6 million. And probably 2015, when one of the Dakar support trucks was at the show as well. The most expensive motorhome was by Motorhome World and was operated with a cell-phone app. Priceless!

What type of product will people see at this year’s show?

It looks like we will obliterate the 2019 record with the ever-growing number of manufacturers entering the industry. But it is a tight-lipped affair as usual. With our name being cemented as the ‘Caravan Show’ we have attracted more suppliers to the show floor than ever before, and the validation of the show as the industry springboard/launchpad has come of age. 80% of the 17 000m2 floor space is covered by caravan exhibitors and 20% by gear and destinations. That is why we decided to call the show what it is today.

Tickets are R120 for adults, R60 for pensioners and students, and children under 12 are free. Parking is R20.

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