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2-in-1 solutions do exist with the MiniBig Trailer Boat


Firstly introduced in its home town, Japan in 2015, the MiniBig Trailer is not new to the market, however, the trailer seems to reappear online each year, drawing attention to itself with its super cute design and of course, its multi-functionality.

The MiniBig Trailer targets adventurers that seek an all-in-one solution to their next camping adventure. Here’s why we say it is an all-in-one solution to campers:

The MiniBig is a lightweight trailer meaning that it can be towed with any vehicle. The trailer can be launched into calm waters and used as a boat. It cannot be used on rivers or out on sea. It does not need a trailer, and can simply be launched at the ramp by driving it into the water. In order for the MiniBig to be used as a boat, you would need to strap on your motors.

It can be towed without a licence and can be used on water with a small boat operation licence, or at least those are the rules in Japan.

The MiniBig is 439 cm in length, hitch included, 164 cm in width, and 193 cm in height. It has two openings on either end, which works in the favor of cross-ventilation and prevents the interior from cooking on the inside.

Its interior offers full on functionality. It has a small kitchen with a sink and some storage, and another unit where a small cooker and/more kitchen stuff can be stored. In the day time, two benches are facing each other with a tiny table to eat on, and at night, the entire surface turns in a bed where 3 people can sleep comfortably.

The MiniBig is ideal for a fishing trip or a simple getaway whether it be romantic or not. It is ideal for cooking a proper meal, some privacy or simply some personal space. You could add a porta-potty and all your basic needs will be covered.

Of course, if you do not feel comfortable sleeping on the water, take the boat back to sore and set up your camp and get your bed ready in your camper trailer.

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What do you think of the MiniBig Trailer? Would you purchase one if it came to South Africa? Should local manufacturers look into making trailers like this one? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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